Start Cyber Security From Scratch!

Your cyber security journey begins right here!  Learn what security skills you need right now...even if you have no experience!  


Start Cyber Security From Scratch

Want to start a cyber security from scratch?  Are you interested in a cyber security career, but are not sure what it takes to get started?  Have you been trying to start cyber security from scratch but can’t seem to catch a break?

How do I qualify for one of these jobs?  Or these jobs?

I know there is plenty of confusion in how to start a career in cyber security.  While I get many different questions about this topic, there are three common question I get the most:    

What skills do I need?  Do I need a certification?  What about college degrees?  

What makes things confusing it that everyone seems to provide a different answer.  

With so many different options, which one should you choose?  Which one is right for you?  Do I work on skills first, then get a degree?

Do I get a degree first, then a certification?

In this training, I answer all of those questions, and a whole lot more.

I will give you a cyber security career path to follow that will help you get started, and determine what you would like to accomplish in this career field.

I will show you exactly what to do each step of the way.  I will explain skills, certifications, degrees, and more.  More importantly, I will show you how to align your skills with the needs in the job market to give you the best chance for success.    

I will also teach you the fundamental concepts of cyber security, so that you have a head start on your next steps as well.    

To start cyber security from scratch, click the button below and get started now.  

What You Will Learn:

Discover the skills employers REALLY want and learn how to start building them immediately
Learn fundamental security concepts and skills (with an in-depth walk-through of each of them)
Discover the truth about certifications, college degrees, and other learning opportunities you often hear about
Get professional tips on how to cut through the BS and take full control over your security career development
And more...
Start Security From Scratch

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2 hours of on-demand Training
Assignments and Exercises
21 days of unlimited access
Certificate of Completion
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Real Feedback from Our Students

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"Amazing!  Really useful information and tips, clear and good to start in this area."

5 Star Review

Jorge Aburdene


"This course is Inspirational and Motivational for us beginners.

My snappiest salute to you Sir Brandon..Godbless."

5 Star Review

Jude Lo  


"Inspiring, eye opening, and interesting. Well worth it."

5 Star Review

Anna Bonetti

"Clearly articulated"

"Clearly articulated security career objectives, pros & cons and how to move ahead.  Thanks!"

5 Star Review

Prasad Balasubramaniam

"Great Information"

"Brandon really made this training to another level. Full of great information well detail and comprehensive."

5 Star Review

Ryan Islas

"Clear, Concise"

"I watched many YouTube videos but no one was putting all the information down in a clear, concise narrative like Mr. Brandon did and for the first time, I feel like I can really do this and I can't thank him enough."

5 Star Review

Lavanya Annette

Brandon Spencer

Your HosT:

Brandon Spencer

President, BE INFOSEC, LLC.

Brandon has over 22 years of experience in a variety of technology and cyber security roles such as senior level security engineer and architect, network engineer, security analyst, and more.  He has been teaching the CISSP certification to professionals just like you for over 6 years.

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