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Give me 1 hour of your time and I will show you the common roadblocks that plague most CISSP candidates, and give you the insights, tips, and strategies to overcome them All!

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In This Class, You'll Learn How To...

Avoid Common Mistakes That Cause exam failure!

There are SO many different opinions about how to prepare for the exam. Instead of opinions and theories, you will learn the most common mistakes our CISSP students made in the past, and how they overcame these mistakes to pass the CISSP exam!

Understand How The CISSP Domains Relate to each other!

There are 8 CISSP domains and they all relate to each other in some way. And you NEED to understand this for exam. You will learn which domain is the MOST important domain and how to they all point pack to this one domain!

Quickly Learn any CISSP Topic!

The CISSP certification covers a wide range of topics, and the sheer volume and complexity of these topics can be very overwhelming for most of us. You will learn the CISSP in an engaging and practical way, making the study process much easier.

approach every test question with one thing in mind!

When it comes to the CISSP exam, there is ONE thing I have found that you need to keep in mind when approaching every single question. All throughout this training, I will show you how this one thing applies to each of the knowledge domains.

Understand The CISSP Exam Format!

The CISSP exam is known for its unique format and style of questions. The Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) format and the use of scenario-based questions require candidates to think critically, analyze situations, and apply their knowledge. Familiarizing oneself with the exam format and practicing sample questions is essential for success.

Effectively Manage Your Study Time!

The CISSP certification requires a significant time commitment to properly study and prepare for the exam. Many candidates have trouble balancing the CISSP with their work and personal commitments. I will show you how to build an effective study plan and how our students succeed using this plan.

Our Students Loved This Training!

"I used to get scared of the CISSP, but this presentation has made it simple and concise!"

Bernard Adjoka

"Brandon you are awesome....out of all of the classes I have taken yours has been by far the best. Your teaching style really helps to keep the student engaged!"

Michael Madl, CISSP

"Brandon does a very good job.  He's the best CISSP coach I know (and I saw a lot of them in 2 years)!"

Dominik Glaser, CISSP

Join me in this exclusive training class!

Brandon Spencer

Brandon Spencer

President, BE INFOSEC


Hello, my friends! Brandon here!

If you are tired of traditional CISSP study methods that leave you feeling bored, confused, or overwhelmed…I invite you to take this free training class!

You'll say goodbye to the ineffective learning of the past, and experience a powerful new approach that all but guarantees CISSP success!

In this training, I share with you the strategies, techniques, and lessons learned that have helped HUNDREDS of our CISSP members pass the exam and earn their certifications - regardless of their background or experience.

This could be the one training class that changes everything in your CISSP journey…and gets you across that finish line!

I'm super excited about this training and can't wait to see you there!

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