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We’re About Skills That Matter

We've made it our personal mission to transfer our knowledge and experience in cyber security to our growing community of security professionals, by teaching them practical security skills that matter to their career.

Skills That Matter Solve Problems

Skills that matter are solutions to problems.  I’m not talking about know how use this tool, that tool, or run some kind of script.  I’m talking about something much bigger than that.  

There is a saying I find very motivational when it comes to cyber security.  Here it is:  “Amateurs worry about ego...pros focus on results.”

You see, when you work in this business you cannot focus on learning things just because they are impressive.  No matter what they are.  Pros solve problems.  Pros focus on making their organization successful, not trying to impress people with the aimless “skills” taught online.    

When you have the skills that solve those problems, you have skills that matter.  And, companies will often pay well you for them.  

The Problem With Most Training

After taking MANY, MANY different training courses ourselves, we realized that so many of these courses miss the mark when it comes to ACTUAL skills and capabilities that can be used in the field.  It all seemed to be the same.  Whether it was networking, project management, or cyber security...  

It was just hours and hours of information...but nothing we could really use at work.  

No one took the time to truly explain the concepts and the application.  What we needed was knowledge and skills that made us better at our jobs, not more bullet points on a slide.  Or, they tried to cram a TON of information into a 5 day period, which was just overwhelming.  

None of this created a lasting change in our knowledge or skill level.  

We Strive To Make A Difference...

Since 2015, we’ve worked with thousands of students in over 80 different countries.  And, their results have been nothing short of humbling, and amazing.  This is why we do what we do...

" I feel like I can really do this!"

"When someone told me to consider cybersecurity because it's an industry that's not going away anywhere plus I can learn and pave my way in through certifications even coming from a non-STEM background, that sounded fantastic but I still didn't want to even begin trying for a certification without even understanding what the job really was. 

I watched many YouTube videos but no one was putting all the information down in a clear, concise narrative like Mr. Brandon did and for the first time, I feel like I can really do this and I can't thank him enough. 

Highly recommend you start here if you are as overwhelmed as I was by how much there is to learn and with no clue how to go about learning.

I am so grateful I found this incredibly well-structured course and it's made me so exciting and motivated to keep going!"

Lavanya Annette

Started Security From Scratch


"When I failed the CISSP exam, I was demoralized to start studying again, because I didn't know where to begin and how to come up with a study approach, then I found Brandon's CISSP course. 

Brandon's course is designed to help you understand the CISSP domains and pass the CISSP exam. When I failed the first time, I knew I was missing something. 

The live classes are AMAZING!!!  The daily CISSP practice questions and quizzes were very helpful. I am not talking about 1 line question, I am talking about questions you have to dissect, look for the keywords in order to get the correct answer.

The ratings on here speak for themselves. I highly recommend this course if you are serious about passing the CISSP exam."

Warith Ojelade, CISSP

Got CISSP Certified

We Focus On You

We give you capabilities that handle real security problems, and we deliver results using a proven training framework that produces security skills that matter.

Your Success Is Our Success!

We work with you directly in a live or self-paced setting and walk you through everything, step-by-step, to make sure you master what you want to learn.

We're Industry Focused

We only teach what the industry wants and needs...not what we want you to buy.  We teach real skills that will help you advance your security career...and nothing else.

Learn Skills That Solve Problems

Forget the "fad" and buzzword" stuff out there.  Our training dives deeper into technology to show you how to solve security problems with the tools you have available. 

Get You Quicker Results

There is no wasted time!  Each training lesson is short, focused, and packed with actionable information so that you get the exact results that you want...FAST!  

Ready To Dive In?

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More About Brandon Spencer

President of Be INFOSEC

Brandon here!  I'm honored that you're here, and happy that you are interested in learning more about me.  

I've spent 22 years working with different companies in a variety of technology and security roles.  In my latest role, I worked as a senior-level security engineer and security architect.  This also included a lot of security management work as well.  I've also worked as a computer security analysttelecommunications technician, and also network engineer.  

In terms of education, I have a Master's degree in computer information systems, a Bachelor's degree in business administration, and active CCSP, CEH, CISSP, CNDA, CPTE, and Security + certifications.

So, how does all of this benefit you?  Well, this accumulative education experience has helped me become a successful and well-rounded security professional.  Not only do I know the security side of things, I know the technology and business side of things as well.

All of this experience has also helped me shape my technical, leadership, and mentoring skills so that you are able to learn from my experience.  And, I can teach you in a simple and easy-to-understand way because I have actually used it in real information systems before.

I've spent my whole career focused on skills that mattered to me and mattered to my career.  Now, I get to share those skills with you so that you can become more successful in this business than I have.

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