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Tired of wasting time with countless courses, books, and videos?  What if you could learn the latest Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) in a fun and practical way that teaches you exactly what you need to know for the exam, and how to actually use it?  

At BE INFOSEC, we've helped hundreds of students prepare for the CISSP exam using our proven, self-paced CISSP training programs.  Click a button below and see how we can help you too! 


Want To Learn The Secrets To Passing The CISSP Exam?

In this free training, I will show you the common roadblocks that plague most CISSP candidates, and give you the insights, tips, and strategies to overcome them all!

Secrets To Passing The CISSP Exam In 2024

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Brandon Spencer

Brandon Spencer

Senior Cyber Security Analyst/Engineer


President, BE INFOSEC, LLC.

Who Is Brandon Spencer?

Hi there, my friend.  Brandon Spencer here.  If you don't know me yet, I'm the president of BE INFOSEC and your instructor for all of our training courses.

I'm also a working security professional with over 22 years of experience in the industry.

I also LOVE the CISSP certification for many reasons.  The main reason is that it changed my security career as soon as I got it.  And I know it can do the same for you.  

While I wish I could say that I passed the CISSP exam on my first try, I can't.  I didn't pass on my second try either.

I failed multiple times, and it was really embarrassing.  My family, friends, and co-workers all knew I failed too...and I felt like I let them down.  

So why did I fail the exam?  Even with 2 college degrees, and 2 other certifications, why could I not pass the CISSP exam?  By doing it the same way most people are studying for the CISSP right now:  I was using WAY too much stuff.

I knew there had to be a better way to prepare.  A way that didn't put me to sleep and did not require me to go through book after book, and course after course while giving up my life.  

That's when I figured out what it really takes to pass the CISSP exam.  After I made some simple changes, I passed the exam on my very next try.  

It's also exactly why I created our CISSP training programs...

STOP Using SO much Stuff!

There is A Better + Faster Way To Get CISSP Certified!

It's no secret there is a TON of resources out there for the CISSP exam.  Right?  There are tons of courses, tons of books, countless videos, and guides...

You name it, it's out there on the Internet.  So...why do so many people STILL FAIL the CISSP exam with all of this material out there?

In a word:  Mindset.  

No, I'm not talking about the "buzzword" mindset like "just think like a (insert role) and you'll pass the exam" kind of thing.  While the intention may be good with that, I see that as a shortcut method that hardly ever works.  

In fact, if you have never been a manager, advisor, or CIO...how can you think like one?  You can't, right?  You don't have the experience to relate to that. 

See, this is exactly where I went wrong.  I tried to shortcut my way to earning the CISSP certification.    

I trusted too many people to teach me something they have never done themselves (with the exception of Shon Harris.  She was awesome!).  

That trust led me down a path of CISSP failure because most of the learning material is packed with irrelevant information and did not relate to my work experience at all.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying these authors or instructors were bad.  It's not that.  I'm just saying that I couldn't learn from any of them.    

And, I see this in our students before they start working with me.  They had the same exact problem I did, and many of them did not pass the CISSP exam as a result (even with all the materials they used).  

Why?  They were using way too much "stuff".  They were overwhelmed with all of the training and books they had to consume, which just wasted time and money.  

Then...they decided to work with me.  And, as you can see below, a shift in mindset made all the difference for these awesome students. 

I was able to apply the knowledge!

"The CISSP training provided a summarized yet detailed overview of the 8 CISSP Domains. The videos and weekly sessions were designed to address salient points while covering the entire domain in good time. 

The ultimate value was how I was able to apply the knowledge I had gained through the challenge and other materials I had been studying. 

I would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to get CISSP certified and also those trying to gain this knowledge for use on their job."


Femi A., CISSP


amazing experience!

"This was an amazing experience. Brandon is a very good teacher. He changed my "implementer" mindset to a different level within a couple of weeks.

Challenging, a lot of stuff covered, excellent practice tests that force you to think about security concepts from a manager's perspective. 

I have passed my CISSP exam!"


David S., CISSP


You Will Pass!

"The CISSP training that Brandon has put together is awesome, forget the dry boring books, mentors who talk at you, people who all think they know what they are doing - just stop. 

If you want a way that works, in bite-size chunks with lots of quizzes and memory reinforcement, where the jokes are funny and the learning is serious then do one thing to become CISSP join Brandon’s course and you will PASS and not look back. 

BTW there is a really supportive community here and that in itself is special. I followed the formula, method, and process and passed - so can you."


Dan N., CISSP</